Early Years Foundation and Early Years Reception: 8.30am – 3.30pm
Years 1 – 6 : 8.45am – 3:40pm

If your child is absent from the school the School Office most be notified before 9:30am by telephone or email and a written explantation sent to the Class Teacher on the day the child returns back to school. If no message is received an unauthorised absence is recorded.

Should your child become unwell during the school time, you will be contacted immediately. For this reason, it is essential that two phone numbers are shown on your child’s Admissions Form, one for your home and the other, either for your place of work , your mobile or for a friend or relative who will collect your child from school. These numbers should be updated at regular intervals. Please always notify the School Office and the Class Teacher of any changes.

If your child is on medication but well enough to be at school, medicine needs to be handed into the School Office labelled with the child’s name and number of times and at what time the medicine must be administered. If your child is on medication for more than one day please ask the School Office for a form to complete and to be handed in.

Hot lunches only are provided for all children by the school kitchen and served in the dinning room. Provision is made for some special diets e.g: vegetarian. If your child requires a mid-morning break, only a piece of fruit or vegetables are allowed. (No chocolate, sweets, crisps, fizzy drinks etc). If your child has several allergies or may not eat certain foods on religious grounds exceptions, alternative arrangements will be considered.