Although rules are kept to a mimum, it is important that children conduct themselves appropriately at all times and that they show respect for all staff and other children. We expect everyone in the school to adopt a strong behaviour code, the cornerstone of which is mutual respect.

The whole school approach to behaviour is positive and aims to encourage pupils by praise, reward and reinforcement, a sense of personal value , self discipline, respect for everyone and good standards of work, behaviour and appearance.

The Head Teacher or Class Teacher will inform parents informally in the first instance of any breach of conduct. In the rare event of persistent breaches, then it will be necessary to apply formal procedures to inform both parents and children.

The school has a written behaviour policy and we have school values school guidelines which indicate to all children that certain behaviours are unacceptable.

We do not tolerate verbal or physical bullying in our school. Should children not conform to the agreed rules, sanctions are applied.
Major breaches of discipline could result in exclusion.