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Early Years & Reception

Early Years & Reception Class


In Foundation Class and Reception the children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. The aim for each child is to achieve a Good Level of Development in the Prime areas of the Curriculum along with Literacy and Mathematics by the end of their Reception Year.


Learning in the Early Years is designed to be fun, active and engaging for all. The classrooms are set up and organised to enable the children to become as independent as possible. This can be as simple as being able to tidy away resources by themselves in Foundation Class to be able to know where to look for support with their writing in Reception.


The children in both year groups have daily Phonics and Maths sessions. In Foundation Class the focus in phonics begins with sound discrimination and oral blending activities. This then progresses to the introduction of phonemes (sounds) later in the year. In Reception the children are taught phonics using the Read Write Inc scheme, where by phonemes are introduced at a pace to suit each individual child. Once the children have a secure knowledge of phonemes, they are taught to read and write simple sentences.


In Mathematics the children are taught to use and apply their knowledge of number or shape to solve simple real life problems. By the end of Reception the children will be confident to read, write and order numbers to 20, say which number is 1 more or less and add and subtract single digit numbers. They will be able to solve problems that involve doubling, halving and sharing.


Teaching in the Foundation Stage is supported through the use of topic work. Topics covered throughout the year include; Me and My Community, Space and the Solar System, Wild Animals, Growing and Traditional Tales. The children are encouraged to bring in resources or stories from home related to these topics to share with the class.


Self-Initiated Learning plays a key role in both Foundation and Reception Class. This is where the children are able to choose from carefully planned activities both indoors and in our spacious garden. During this time adults in the classrooms will work alongside the children and use carefully targeted questions to enhance their learning. Observations of the children’s play are made which are then used to plan individual next steps for each child
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