The Happy Way to Learn French!

Here at St. Joseph’s we take great pride in providing our pupils with the opportunity to learn a foreign language from a very young age. Plenty of enthusiasm, a lively presentation and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere go a long way towards giving children an appetite for learning a new language.

Here at St. Joseph’s Preparatory School, our pupils start learning French at the age of three years. The language is initially introduced through French rhymes, song and games with the addition of reading and writing as they progress.

The pupils follow “La Jolie Ronde” programme which is designed to make language learning exciting and engaging. They are actively involved in each lesson and build self confidence by practising role play situations. Our pupils see language learning as fun and enjoy the experience of finding out about the culture and geography of another country. In Year 5, they are invited to participate in a four day residential trip to Northern France which gives them the opportunity to use language skills they have learnt in the classroom in a real life situation.

It is proven that our pupils have a “head start” in languages at secondary school and they continue to embrace language learning with a positive attitude.