Our school has a long standing history of achievement in this subject and all pupils are encouraged to take up a musical instrument or become part of the choir.

We aim to give all students an opportunity to explore their musicality by listening to, creating and performing different types of music.
We seek to provide  a balance of practical and theoretical study though the study of music, from classical to African drumming, Plainsong to Rhythm and Blues.

At Key Stage 1, children learn to develop a strong sense of pulse, pitch and rhythm through the use of simple songs, musical games and chants. KS1 work with the children is based on structured learning techniques with the use of puppets and games.  Early music development is largely built on singing, the voice is an instrument every child can access and is the route to developing improved musical skills in every single pupil.

In every school year not only have we seen tremendous progress with every child’s musical comprehension and ability, but almost universally they have a real sense of enjoyment and fun from music studies.
In addition to class teaching children also have the opportunity for individual learning of violin, piano and voice as well as other instruments. Musicians from the school to take part in many local activities including The Gravesham Festival of Music and Speech and The Thameside Recorder Festival.

We are a singing school: all students sing hymns and worship songs in assembly and years 3, 4, 5 and 6 all sing together as a group in choir once a week. We also provide additional opportunity through after school and lunch  time groups which include recorder ensemble, chamber choir and orchestra.
Regular concerts, both formal and informal, gives students the opportunity to develop their confidence and showcase our students achievements. If you wish to take music further then we can help with you individual and group lessons available in guitar, drums, piano, recorder, voice and cello and we have  a strong track record of examination success in instrumental music.