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St Joseph's Convent Preparatory SchoolRes Non Verba

Year 2

Year 2


In year 2 we take an innovative approach to learning and are responsive to needs and opportunities that arise, so every term we will adapt and update the curriculum. In this way we can keep learning relevant, exciting, creative and fun, where children are taught key skills and knowledge and provided with the tools to become independent learners.


In RE children explore how God is present in every beginning. The story of Creation, God made the world. God made us and loves us. The importance of prayer; morning prayer and a litany. And a psalm is a song of praise to God. They learn about the signs and symbols used in Baptism; Easter candle, light, font, water, anointing with chrism, white garment. The reading of the Word of God recognising that Christians as members of the Church family act in a particular way because they are following the light of Christ. Children explore Advent, four weeks of preparation for the celebration of Jesus at Christmas. Including an understanding of the liturgical year. Isaiah’s description of the one who is to come. The Annunciation. The Visitation. The Nativity. How Jesus comes to us as God’s gift because he loves us and Jesus light for the world. In addition to discovering Hinduism and how prayer is part of Hindu life.


In English children compare characters in a story. Write a letter, continue a story, write a story based on their own experience. Poetry consists of pattern, rhythm, rhyme, identifying patterns in poetry, creating a group poem and performing a poem. We also re-visit a range of fiction stories contrasting traditional to non-traditional leading on to writing their own traditional tale. Further more, year 2 explore non fiction text and write instructions to care for a pet and design a mini non-fiction book about a pet.

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