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Year 4

Year 4


This term in year 4, we will be:


Going Back in Time!

Ancient Egypt is the focus of the autumn term in History and we have made links with Geography to enrich the children’s understanding of the importance of the River Nile. There have been many opportunities to explore the creative side of learning as the pupils have learnt songs and produced information leaflets about Farming in ancient Egypt for the library area. Not only do the children learn about the afterlife, they also gain hands-on experience of mummifying a banana for preservation in a carefully designed sarcophagus!


Wanted: Space Explorers!

The children are enjoying the space topic this term and have successfully interviewed applicants for a mission to Mars! Aspiring space travelers have designed and produced rockets and space models to a very high specification, which have taken pride of place in our school display. Also, the children have considered the challenges facing any astronaut in their bid to explore the Solar System. They are set to become newspaper reporters too as they record facts about the amazing moon landing.


Exciting Times Ahead!

As the children have explored their family relationships in Religious Education lessons and compared them with Jesus’ family tree, they have gained an understanding of the similarities and the importance of family life. They will rejoice by making biscuits to thank their families and enjoy sharing the fruit of their labours too!


On the trip to Howletts Zoo, the pupils will learn about endangered species and prepare a challenging feeding container for the animals in an enrichment workshop.


In celebration of Harvest Festival in October, the children will learn bread-making skills as we attempt to bake a wheat sheaf!

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