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St Joseph's Convent Preparatory School Res Non Verba An Independent Prep School for ages 3 to 11




Early Years Pre-Prep and Early Years Reception: 8.30am – 3.30pm
Years 1 – 6 : 8.45am – 3:40pm


If your child is absent from the school the School Office must be notified before 9:30am by telephone or email. If no message is received an unauthorised absence is recorded.


Should your child become unwell during the school day, you will be contacted directly. For this reason, it is essential that a minimum of two contact numbers are shown on the pupil's registration form. A third number could be for a friend or relative who is able to collect your child if necessary. These numbers should be updated at regular intervals. Please always notify the School Office of any changes to your details.


If your child is prescribed medication but well enough to be at school, please ask the School Office for a form to allow staff to administer the medication. Medicine should be handed into the School Office labelled with the child’s name along with the completed form.


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