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Crisp packet project

Crisp packets collected by pupils have been donated to a local charity to help make blankets for people living on the streets. 


The school has donated three bin bags full of crisps to the project based in St Mary’s Island, Medway. They use the packets to put together a blanket (or survival sheet) that can be used by people living on the streets in the local area to keep warm. 


The survival sheets are made by fusing several crisp packets together with plastic sheeting.  It takes about 50 packets to make one survival sheet, measuring 100cm x 200cm.  Crisp packets are ideal as they are strong and the reflective silver side helps to retain heat.  


For more information about the crisp packet project, visit the Crisp Packet Project website or for the St Mary's Island Project, search for Crisp Packet Project St Mary's Island on Facebook.

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