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The Chamber Choir Sing at Bluewater

Our chamber choir performed beautifully at Bluewater last week. We received a lovely e-mail from a member of the public who listened to the performance.


'I am writing to ask if you could please pass on my thanks to all involved in the wonderful choir concert yesterday at the Bluewater Shopping Centre.

I was rather overwhelmed by the beautiful, uplifting performance by the pupils from your school.


It is difficult to explain the affect it had on me. I was just an ordinary shopper on an ordinary day catching up on some ordinary shopping. And then the amazing surprise....the music and and beautifully trained voices, well I was literally stopped in my tracks.


Instead of continuing to rush around I stopped, sat down and listened. The wonderful choice of songs felt like a much needed tonic. And for a while I, and I’m sure, the whole audience were transported away from the hustle and bustle that surrounds us and brought us back to the true meaning of Christmas.


Well done to all concerned for what must be an immense amount of hard practice and much dedication.

You all looked great too and are a much deserved credit to your school.'