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St Joseph's Convent Preparatory School

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An Independent Prep School for Ages 3-11

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We know that continuity in education in these uncertain times is vital, and at St Joseph’s we have robust plans in place to ensure that all children have access to high quality education whether pupils are at home or in the classroom.


These are very uncertain times, never have we been in a situation before where schools across the country have had to close, at short notice, for months.  


When this initially happened in March 2020, we responded quickly, producing a robust remote learning programme to ensure all of our children could continue their learning from home.  This included a combination of set projects and homework, and daily online lessons via Microsoft Teams.  When some classes returned for the second half of the summer term, children who weren’t able to come into school still had access to daily lessons.


These lessons included Maths, English and Cornerstones lessons for older year groups and Maths and Phonics for the younger year groups.  This was supplemented by additional work set and marked by teachers and additional questions and queries being answered by class teachers directly.  This worked exceptionally well with good feedback from both parents and pupils throughout the summer term.


This experience meant that when when it was announced that schools will need to operate remotely again in 2021, we were ready to switch to online learning seamlessly.  Our live lessons also now include specialist lessons such as P.E, speech and drama, languages and music in addition to English, Maths and Cornerstones.  


At Joseph’s we are lucky to have very small class sizes, which has always been beneficial to our pupils as it has resulted in more tailored and individualised learning but it’s become particularly beneficial in recent months.  Smaller classes mean online learning is easier to implement, with fewer pupils in each class session, making it easier for pupils to interact during online lessons. It also means that when we've been able to return to the classroom, there are fewer changes to our normal class set up, which is reassuring to pupils returning after an uncertain time. 


We will continue to follow Government guidance and updates closely so that we are responding and adapting to the situation as it develops, with the safety of our children, and their well being at the centre of our decisions as a school.


For more information about joining St Joseph’s, visit our Joining St Joseph’s page here .

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