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01474 533012

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St Joseph's Convent Preparatory School

Res Non Verba

An Independent Prep School for Ages 3-11

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Teachers and Staff

Our Staff      
Head Teacher:     Miss D Buckley
SENCO:     Mrs C Archibald
Teachers: Year 6   Miss J Routledge
  Year 5   Mr A Khan
  Year 4   Mrs M Salkeld-Routledge
  Year 3   Miss L Frost
  Year 2   Mrs A Shelton
  Year 1   Mrs A Gilham
  & Pre-Prep   Mrs K Ellis & Mrs L Jeffrey
  PE   Mrs M McGuinness
  French   Madame E Ashcroft
  Music   Mrs C Martin
  Speech &    
  Drama   Mrs M McGuinness
Teaching Assistants:     Mrs D Goldsmith

Mrs J Bhatti

      Mrs C Ley
      Mrs G Wood
      Mrs K Page
      Mrs G Garcha
      Mrs C Finch

Miss C Rye

      Mrs L Foster
Peripatetic Teachers:     Mrs C Martin

Mrs L Blight

      Mr J Magill
Ballet Teacher:     Mrs M McGuinness
Bursar:     Miss B Harries
Secretary:     Miss L Chandler
Marketing & Events Officer:     Mrs O Hartney
Network Technician:     Ms L Dawes
Catering Manager:     Mrs N Bull
Catering Staff:     Mrs M Ritchie
      Miss L Skinner
      Mrs A Ficchi
      Mrs J Young
Lunchtime Supervisors:   Mrs D Goldsmith
      Mrs H Gregory
      Miss K Pomeroy
Wraparound Care Assistants:   Mrs H Gregory
    Mrs A Ficchi
    Mrs L Skinner
    Mrs L Bramble
Caretaker:   Mr B Goldsmith

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Contact Details 01474 533012

46 Old Road East,

Gravesend, Kent,

DA12 1NR