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St Joseph's Convent Preparatory School

Res Non Verba

An Independent Prep School for Ages 3-11

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Year 4

Year 4


We have some absolutely wonderful learning opportunities in Year 4. To begin with, we become acquainted with the Roman Empire through our Cornerstones topic ‘I am Warrior’. We learn all about the Roman army, what Romans ate and where they lived, as well as producing our own Roman Mosaics. We spend a day pretending to be Roman soldiers which involves, among other things, marching drills up and down the playground. This gives the children a real immersive experience in their learning. We like to start every topic like this, as it allows the children to become fully involved and engaged in their learning.  


In the second term our learning is all about the human body through our aptly named topic ‘Bottoms, Burps and Bile’. We focus our learning around how the human body works and what impacts we have on our own body. We conduct several science investigations, one of which even involves us creating poo! (Not real poo obviously).


The following terms’ topics are ‘Traders vs Raiders’ where we hope to visit some Viking ruins, ‘Playlist’ where the focus will be on music, ‘Blue Abyss’ which concerns environmental issues and habitat preservation. Our final topic is ‘Road trip USA’ which is a comprehensive overview of the impact of American culture and ideas.


Throughout every topic, Religious Education plays a prominent role in our learning. As a Catholic school, the ethos of Christianity is something we are very proud of and something we promote regularly through designated lesson time and throughout the school day.


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