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St Joseph's Convent Preparatory School

Res Non Verba

An Independent Prep School for Ages 3-11

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Year 5

Year 5


Year 5 children continue to develop further the academic and social skills they have been building since they joined the school.  As with all classes within the school, R.E plays a major role in educating the pupils.  We think about the way we live our lives, gaining an ever increasing understanding of Catholicism as well as other faiths.


To improve skills, knowledge and understanding of a wide spectrum of subjects, a new topic is covered each term.

Term one’s learning is based around ‘Space’. During the term, the children increase their understanding of the movements of Earth and the Moon, the Solar System and the planets within it as well as the role of the Sun.


The main topic for the second term is ‘The Tudors’, focussing specifically on Henry VIII. Much of the teaching and learning is based on Henry’s numerous marriages and the impact his reign has had on life in England.


In the third term, the Year 5 children improve their academic skills through learning about the art of alchemy! There will be an emphasis on gold but other substances will also be looked at.


How our diet, lifestyle and environment affects us will lead our learning in term four. The students will look at what happens to our bodies as we grow older and the impact of certain lifestyle choices. This will make our children more aware of how to lead better, healthier lives.


The children will end the penultimate term with green fingers - we hope! The children will be finding out more about growing their own fruit and vegetables. This will form the basis for their learning as well as reinforcing some of the learning from the previous term.

We will be going back to Ancient Egypt for our final topic of the year. The children will gain a better understanding of how dependent life was and still is, on the River Nile. They learn about the river’s fertile banks, discovering Egypt and its fascinating culture, unravelling the secrets of ancient tombs, using historical sources and age-old artefacts.





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